Monday, August 16, 2010

We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave...

...and I am loving it! I love the hot weather! It was a gorgeous weekend. Saturday I puttered outside and cleaned up one whole area which I'm very proud of and then started to work on another garden area. I also sanded down and painted an old metal patio table - that table has had so many incarnations. This time I sanded off the red, orange and yellow flowers which I painted on a white table top several years ago and painted it blue. I'm not sure if I'll paint or stencil anything on it at this time. I filled five lawn and garden bags with cuttings and weeds and dead flowers as well.

Besides the puttering, and the garden painting, I didn't work on any crafts. Basically I sat in lawn chairs and read books or magazines and enjoyed some cold drinks whenever I got too hot. It was up to 36 degrees C in our backyard - good thing we have lots of shade!   I'd send the dog into the air conditioned house every so often to cool off.

Because of this summer's heat (which I'm not complaining about) and the watering restrictions (which I am complaining about) the garden's not looking so great. Currently the only thing in bloom are the nasturtiums, the Rose of Sharon, some white phlox, some leggy pansies and some wild daisies.

I hope you had a good weekend too.

Oh hey - good Mad Men last night wasn't it. Don was back to being his old self. I loved the scene where he watched Peggy trying on the Faye Miller's wedding ring. And was sad for Joan when she was referred to as 'old and married' for the test group. And poor Allison didn't have a good time with Peggy or Don. Read more here.


Carol Browne said...

Sorry, late to the Mad Men party - but I have to tell you the episode on the 22nd was pretty great as well. I was SO glad to hear bossy Don Draper tell his "girl" to "lower her voice." - he's such a jerk. I love him as a bossy jerk, not a creepy old drunk.

My Little Corner said...

I agree. I still kinda like Don, even though he's a cad, but bossy jerk is much better!