Thursday, August 12, 2010

A little dog revenge

During a recent decluttering session, a Michael Vick football turned up and we decided the best thing to do with it  is to let the dog rip it apart. It's only fitting since that man is a terrible human. We get a little chuckle watching Eco and the neighbour dog pull it apart and shred it. I wish I had a photo of that, but they moved too fast. Instead here's Eco waiting for me to toss it for her:

I know by now it's an old story, but let me just say that it was wonderful so many people stepped in to help those poor animals (aka Vick-tims) including the folks at Best Friends Animal Society and the people associated with the BadRap site. I can't believe the jerk still gets to play football.


Big Girl Feet said...

Ha! Go Eco go- shred that ball!!
And great shot of her!!!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks - I'll have to post a picture of what it looks like now!

And thanks for the comment on the photo! Much appreciated!

Carol Browne said...

GRRRR...get it Eco! Rip it to shreds!