Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Carol, we need more jam please!

During our recent picnic, Carol shared a jar of her delicious homemade raspberry jam and being the generous sort of gal that I am, I shared it with my family where it became the centre of our* dinner a couple of times:

And now we'd please like some more!
Oh Caaaaarrrrrooooollllll - how can we get some more? 

We don't want to eat this but we have to until we can get some of yours!  

* Correction - actually I didn't get any, Jp jacked it from me!


Carol Browne said...

Oh no! A cry for help! I can get some to you after I come back from Toronto in September (September 7th, I'm home!) Let me see what I can do!

HA! Also, Jp jacked it from you? The nerve! :-)

Big Girl Feet said...

It's fantastic- and I get mine all to myself since Norm won't go near jam of any kind- nyanyah! You can always come over for tea and jam with biscuits to get your fix! :))

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol- the Smucker's jar of sadness is at best a sobbing and forlorn pale imitation of your homemade crock of celestial numnuminess: a sweet and delicious gift straight from the gods. Say- you wouldn't happen to have a blackberry version, would you? We'd have to get married or something.

For the record- I DID offer her some. THEN I jacked it. Didn't even last 3 days. She hated it when I called it Caroljam.

In retrospect, she's probably right.