Monday, August 09, 2010

Rain Picnic

When I was a kid we used to have rain picnics. They started when my brother broke his leg the last days of the school year  - doesn't that suck? 6 weeks of the summer he was in a full leg cast and bored out of his tree - this was before VCRs and video games (well before we could afford them). One day, to ease the boredom, my mom had the idea of a picnic in the rain - in those days, we practically had the whole of Stanley Park to ourselves - and we all took turns hauling him around in a wagon with a garbage bag on his cast (oh those were the days!)

But that's not what happened this weekend. We had been planning a get together since June and the weather was fabulous almost the whole month of July, but then the date got bumped and wouldn't you know it - it rained on our new day! Everyone was a real good sport about it though and we decided to go ahead with it.Cynthia, Carol and I had planned to go to Minnekhada Park but upon arriving, we found the gates were locked and it was closed for a private function, so we had to look for another lunch location fast as my stomach was rumbling! We tried a couple other parks and ended up sitting under a big cedar tree at a nearby recreation centre and the rain sort of held off so we were able to enjoy an afternoon of terrific food, good conversation and laughter. Everyone brought yummy food - Cynthia made perfect pitas and Carol had an excellent selection of homemade cookies. I'm so lucky to have such talented friends. Because of the rain, I left my purse in the car, and so I didn't take a photo of our lovely spread.

We all had our birthdays in July so at the end of lunch we exchanged birthday presents - yay! Cynthia gave me one of her famous 'little houses' paintings (plus some other little goodies - thank you!) and Carol gave me a beautiful jar of jam - thank you too! Carol, I need more of that jam, as most of it was consumed that same night at dinner! See? It is very, very good


Carol Browne said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you liked the jam. And I got a shot of the rain picnic! I'll post it soon.

Best idea for the rain picnic - tea! It was perfect! Also, I read your birthday present on the way into work today. :-)

My Little Corner said...

Aww thanks Carol! I'm glad you liked the tea and the book! That's very good.

Now, how do I get some more of that jam?

Big Girl Feet said...

It was an excellent day- maybe we should plan for more rain picnics!! And tea was a brilliant plan- perfect!
Thank you so much again for the fab book- it is too hilarious! And the yummy violet mints- my fave!

My Little Corner said...

Awesome, maybe we should have another rain picnic!Glad you liked the book and the mints! And the tea!