Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sunday Crafternoon*

Last Sunday, Jp told The Kid to take a break from video games and spend some time being creative. He came to me for help.

The day before he had spied the newly released book  Zombie Cross Stitch at the bookstore. We hadn't bought the book but he was interested in making something similar, so I searched online for a little freebie pattern and found a little ninja character that he wanted to make. I gathered the materials and set about teaching the boy how to cross stitch.

Here are the results:

I worked one with him, his is the one on the left with a red headband.
(Mine has my initials and the year on the bottom right)

*Title borrowed from this book/website.


Big Girl Feet said...

Very cool!!! They turned out awesome!

Carol Browne said...

That's cute. I also like that a young man does cross-stitching. Totally cool.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Carol - he's probably not bothered by it until some adult makes a fuss about him doing it. It helped that he saw the book by Mr Cross-stitch in the store though (even though I think that's a women who writes it!)