Saturday, October 02, 2010

Money - a touchy subject

I know that people have very specific feelings about money and varying definitions of rich and poor. But I'm going to write about money anyway.  For example, when I'm broke, I don't spend money on anything other than the necessities, as in food and shelter. But other people have a very different definition of broke.

For example, one friend of mine complained about being short of money and having to drive an old car. It's only 7 years old (mine is 30 years old - not that we're in a competition or anything, but still). Second she still had a bottle of wine every night and a pack of smokes everyday - which must be around a  $20/day habit. And she seemed to always be shopping for new clothes. I guess finding bargains at Cotton Ginny is very different from shopping at Holt Renfrew but when I'm short on cash, the first thing I stop buying is clothes and alcohol.

And then there's a guy I know who's got 5 kids, including a 5-year old they adopted who has some issues they are dealing with - with is very admirable I agree. He was complaining about being short on cash and having to move to a neighbouring community due to their financial situation and I was thinking about 'angeling' his family at Christmas time with an anonymous gift of groceries or something - until I ran into him in STARBUCKS where he told me he his whole family just returned from a vacation in Las Vegas!

Ok! I'm done. Oh I know what you're thinking - who asked me to help in the first place? who asked me to feel sorry about them? Well, actually they did by complaining to me about being so broke. Why did they tell me about their woes unless they wanted me to commiserate, right?

So tell me, am I completely way off base on this one?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems that instead of making an inane remark about the weather they now have to tell you how broke they are. I'm reminded of the man who screamed at a clerk in the Employment office wanting to know why he didn't get his EI insurance. How, he demanded, can I make payments on my boat without you guys sending me money? The clerk, thinking he lived in his boat, looked out the office window and saw him driving away with a big powerboat behind his car. Did he need both???