Friday, October 01, 2010


Have you noticed how big the spiders are right now? After my neighbour walked into one in my driveway she noticed about 3 more big webs and asked if I was growing them. I'm not but I don't purposely destroy them either. Eco ran through one the other day - it was so funny to see her trying to wipe her face with her paw while running at the same time. Poor spider - she'll have to spend the rest of the day redoing that one.

There certainly seems to be more of them out this time of year than earlier in the season. I have them everywhere. In fact, if I want to look out the window I have to look through one!

I'm just amazed at the perfection of their webs - have you ever taken the time to study their webs? Just perfect - or maybe one little flaw (like a Persian Rug) - but pretty darn even none-the-less.

In the  house we have a "catch and release program" that is, as long as we get to them before Eco. She seems really proud to have protected our home and stands over their sad little crumpled bodies waiting for our praise.

Do you like spiders?  Or does just talking about them give you the creeps? (In which case you probably didn't even read this whole post!)


Big Girl Feet said...

Yes we have tons of them around right now too- and huge ones with huge webs seem to like making in front of the door and between lawnchairs- ew!
Starr likes to catch them and play with them but she never kills them, just spits them out and watches them run away then pounces on them- it's too funny!

Carol Browne said...

Plenty around our house! As long as they stay outside, I'm more than happy to have them hang out - but they are not welcome inside. Yeesh. Oscar and Donner play with them and then eat them. Yuck.

Our old dog, Moosh, got bitten a couple of times by a spider and her nose got a huge big lump on it. I'd just rather leave them alone outside.