Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Remember

My mother was a little girl in Europe during the Second World War and has many stories of how she and her little brother Jerry would search for Red Cross packages dropped into ditches and fields or stand in food lines to obtain something for the little ones at home to eat; and how her little baby brother Paul was born in the middle of the war and was so weak he could barely raise his little head.

She recalls the horrible sites and sounds of the Nazi's dropping bombs throughout the city, sometimes only a couple of buildings away, and losing playmates or school mates because of it.

She tells of black outs and dark paper on the windows and tracer bullets and German soldiers banging on the door demanding that the women give up their husbands or give up the location of their neighbour's husbands.

My grandfather was injured during the war and had a plate in his head and walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

And my mother recalls the joyous day at the end when the Canadian soldiers marched into the city to declare a better life.

For me, remembering those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom is not so difficult to recall. And I thank every single man, women and child who has personally forfeit their self, or those who have given/lost  a family member so we all can have and live better lives.

Thank you.
I remember.
And I am grateful.


Carol Browne said...

Oof. Right out of Band of Brothers. Have you seen that HBO mini-series? It's really very good - they also include interviews with the real paratroopers as well.

It's pretty miraculous that anyone survived to tell their stories.

I am grateful, too.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks for your comments Carol.
No I haven't seen Band of Brothers, I will check it out though.