Friday, November 05, 2010

The Life Span of a Dog Toy

Eco has some favorite dog toys so I decided to re-buy them when they wore out. Here are the befores and afters:

The bottom one is a tube that's supposed to be able to float, but Eco manages to get holes in the plastic float tube fairly quickly - the toy on the bottom has been split in 2 lengthwise. We still play with all the pieces.

Below, is her favourite new toy - Mr. Octopus! Can you believe the squeaker has lasted 3 weeks?! I've never had a dog toy squeaker go for that long. I'm a nice neighour, I take it away at night so I don't drive everyone nuts. To me a dog with a squeaky is the happiest sound in the world (next to a baby laughing) and makes me almost pee my pants (baby laughs don't do that to me though).

And now, somebody say "ACTION!"


Carol Browne said...

Eco is awesome! And so big now. That squirrel toy is the best. I also love to watch dogs swim. They look pretty happy then, too.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Carol - the squirrel is pretty funny - I think it's our third orange one - it's a favorite unofficial tug toy!
Next summer you should come with us for a dog swim! I guarantee you'll be laughing!