Thursday, November 04, 2010

Daiso Fun

Yesterday I drove Jp to the Vancouver Airport but as we drove, it became obvious that I was not going to turn around and jump into the long line-ups, if you're familiar with Vancouver then you will understand that I wasn't too eager to be part of this: Hwy 99 backed up from the Oak Street Bridge to the tunnel.

So I hit Yaohan Centre and Daiso (sorry Carol and Cynthia).

The main reason was to get some little lunch boxes/bento boxes for my brother. You see every Wednesday he caters lunch to my sister-in-law and her staff at the office. He's always coming up with some creative ideas including buzzing a loaf of warm bread up the office on his scooter. We thought it would be fun to get some little Japanese lunch boxes, so I picked him up a selection of boxes and bags and other little ornaments, and sauce containers etc. I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it all up for the post, but perhaps he'll share a finished lunch photo with us.

Here are some of the items I picked up for myself:

I can't speak Japanese and I totally respect people who can speak/read/write more than one language but I very much enjoy the translations on the packages, how about these:
- Useful cute pattern sticker
- Sewing sweet holiday - what shall we make?
- Funny Stamp. What a cute & fun shape. The design of this shape is as bellows. Please it never licks and do not put it in the mouth though ink is harmless.
- This item is an eraser. Pay attention never children put it into the mouth
- Do not put sharp stuff into it,it may cause breakage. If got dirty, hand-wash it with neutral detergents and dry well. Avoid using drying machine. Spread out and dry well in the shade.
- Only use for writing instrument. The dropping or throwing of pen may cause ink leakage. Avoid ink contact with clothing - hard removal and causes of discoloration.

Nothing too hilarious, but still fun, no? 


Big Girl Feet said...

Ahhhhh!! You score great loot nice things!! Jealous your Daiso trip items serve you nice wishes of fun!!!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks! Is there anything you want? I may be back there next week.

Carol Browne said...

Nice! Love that doggy sticker!

My Little Corner said...

Hey thanks!