Friday, December 17, 2010

Just not quite in the mood

For some reason, I'm just not very festive this year. Usually by October 1st I start putting up my Halloween decorations and by December 1st I start putting up the Christmas decorations. This year, I seem to do things 1 week out. Christmas Day is next Saturday and all we have is the lights in the yard! I am definitely going to get everything out early Saturday morning.

But I just can't figure why I've lost the mood. Do you have it too? Or is it just me?


Big Girl Feet said...

Yeah, me too- just not "feeling" it this year! But we did put up lights today- wow!
We watched Elf last night- it's a good christmas cheer movie!

My Little Corner said...

Oh yes, I forgot about that movie - that's a good one.

Hope you're getting your mood soon...