Sunday, December 19, 2010

We have lift off-->

Yesterday I decorated the living room and hung up some lights in my office window and with the little fibreoptic USB Christmas tree that is hooked up to my computer, I can say that it really is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas". Plus each day Eco and I go for our walk we see more and more houses putting up their Christmas lights and/or their trees - so the mood is getting there.

My plan for next weekend is to sit in bed, wearing some Christmas pajamas and watch Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate. This is a big deal because no one else in my house likes Christmas movies, so I have decided to make this my thing. And because I told Jp about my plan, he came back from the store yesterday with some cute pjs - pink with snowflakes and bunnies (he thought they were dogs, but I like bunnies too, so it's all good). Isn't that sweet?  He said he looked for movies but couldn't really pick one for me - fair enough.

Yesterday we put together the holiday meal plans - which involved texting the Kidd to find out what he would like-turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing, plus our suggestions - cabbage rolls and meatloaf (separate nights of course). So I can grocery shop and start baking - cherry pie and apple strudel has been also requested.

So day by day, I think I am slowly getting into the mood. I hope your holiday mood is coming along as well and to help you with that, here are some decorations and a couple of things I've made:

Black Lab Christmas ornament

Santa in the Shower - ornament
Embroidered Christmas Lights (part of a larger piece)
Embroidered Reindeer (part of a larger piece)

so... are you in the mood yet?


Anonymous said...

What great plans! She'll be wearing pink pyjamas when she comes, oops sorry that's from another song. Anyway, sounds like you're in the mood for Christmas. Your Santa in the shower, well...I must say the man's got guts in the North pole. Unless we are to think that this is his once a year shower in the Lower Mainland. Still....It must be good hot water!

My Little Corner said...

Cute song.

I think Santa likes the cold, so I'm sure he's okay. Besides he looks happy... :-)