Sunday, January 30, 2011

Answer: Dogs and Knitting and Laundry

Question: What have I been doing lately? 

And sometimes these things are combined.

Like when I sort the laundry and the dog decides to stay asleep in the basket:

Or when I knit a sweater for a dog:

The winters where my mum lives can be very cold, especially for a little dog who gets clipped monthly, and due to a recent winter 'growth spread' he didn't fit in any of the other sweaters I made for him in the past. So I whipped up this custom designed sweater, complete with monogram - F for Finnegan!

The back is made with 2 strands of Aran Fisherman's Wool for warmth and watershedding and the tummy is made with acrylic so it can be spot cleaned easier, is more resistant to staining and shouldn't bind up in his little arm pits. The collar and ribbing is made with single strand wool so it's nice and loose ans stretchy. The sides have snap closures so we can make it bigger or smaller for him.

Keep in mind this is for  a Schnauzer who is way smaller than my Labrador Retriever so it's hard to estimate his size, and I haven't seen him since September 2009. Apparently it fits him well, and I'm hoping my mum or brother will send me a photo with him wearing it. (hint hint)


Anonymous said...

Do you have (or know where) I can get a pattern for your "custom designed sweater with monogram" on your SUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 2011 blog entry?

Way Out Wear said...

The basic coat pattern came from "The Gift Knitter:Knitty Chunky for babies with 4 legs and 2" but I designed the back pattern and letter myself.
Sorry that is all I can remember - it seems so long ago. Thanks for asking,