Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sometimes I think that humans are losing the ability to notice things around them. Why with all the things coming at us, surely the vast majority is suffering from information overload. As well, I wonder if perhaps since so many resources are telling us things, we're just so busy processing all the inputs that we can't see things ourselves.

When I was a kid, my brothers and I liked car rides and liked to look out the windows and see what was going on (makes it sound like we were a bunch of dogs doesn't it?) Of course even though it's not that long ago, it was a different time. Today, all three of us have excellent skills for getting around our city, and even new cities we just land in. I don't know how many times I'd get off a plane, pick up a rental car, hop on the freeway and just start driving and make it just fine to my destination - and that's in the days without TomToms and GPS. You know, sometimes I wonder if the navigation systems are making it harder for people. Why just the other day someone was coming to visit us and asked us for our address so she could input it in her GPS. We've lived here over 11 years and she's been here multiple times! Goodness! As I am driving I am constantly assessing the road and the route and often change the streets I'm going to take - and I can do it because I know our city so very well. And if I've been somewhere once, I don't need directions again - unless it's been years and years and years but even then that's pretty rare.

Which brings me back to my initial thought - on January 19th, 2010 I had my hair cut short. Almost all my hair was about 1cm long  - that was the last haircut I had (except my bangs which I cut myself) - one full year ago. My hair is now down to my shoulders and can be put in a ponytail holder if I want. But you you know what? Not one single person has noticed or commented. And some people only see me every couple of months. So either they haven't noticed that it's slowly been getting longer or they just don't see the need to comment, or maybe it looks bad.... (maybe they practice  "if you can't say anything nice" ). I have no idea.

Now friends, please don't feel bad, no hard feelings, I'm sure I've missed things in your lives too. I'm not trying to be superior or 'call anyone out'. I'm just asking a question. Maybe humans just aren't as good at observing as they think they are - multiple times I've heard police agencies comment that eye witness aren't as accurate as they once thought. Have you walked down a street and found a sign that has been there for years that you haven't noticed? Or seen something, shook your head and realized you though it looked different or was a different colour? I guess the old adage to 'stop and smell the roses' is more important than ever before. Please, tell me what you think.


Laoch of Chicago said...

I think generally that people are overstimulated. I do think that in the case of your hair that people do notice things like that but there is a danger in mentioning it as you are not sure how the person themselves feels about their new cut so if you take a position you risk hurting their feelings or upsetting them if your opinion is on the wrong side of the fence.

My Little Corner said...

Thank you Laoch of Chicago - that is an excellent point. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Bluelife said...

Wow that is incredibly true. I didn't even realize until now that people don't notice many things. People have to ask if I got my hair cut. Probably the reason people haven't mentioned your long hair is because people tend to mention hair cuts not when your grows longer.

Big Girl Feet said...

Very true! I did notice your longer hair the last time I saw you at Christmas, it looks fab on you! I just never say anything to anybody about stuff like that, probably for the same reasons as above. :))
But yes, usually it's the other way around, get it chopped and everybody notices, the other way not so much, why is that?! :))

Carol Browne said...

I'm in the category of "don't notice" things. Just to prove my point? It took me nearly 5 years to notice this sign on my bus route EVERY DAY.