Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Envy?

So on Sunday after I had a wonderful breakfast and a  good dog walk, and as  I was standing in the shower (I have some good thoughts in there), the  thought hit me  - I wonder how many people who are getting ready for today's Oscar's wish that they had today all to themselves like my simple day instead of having to get pimped and preened for the Oscar's?

Being famous often means one no longer has a say as to how the days are spent and I wondered if perhaps some of the people wished they weren't going.  Of course since I've never even been 100 miles near the Oscars so I don't really  know what I am talking about. Maybe everyone loves getting their hair and makeup professionally done, and love being dressed by top stylists in the most luxurious dresses, and standing up for hours on end being asked the same questions by the press?

What do you think?

And did you watch the Oscars? A bit lame this year  I thought. We need a strong host like Bob Hope in the good old days. The "show" has gone out of it, now it's too rehearsed and stilted don't you think?

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