Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Time for a Little Break

Jp is currently working on a project that has him travelling to BC's Okanangan on a weekly basis, every so often he invites me along and now was the time. I'm probably the only person who doesn't ski that vacations in somewhere colder than it is at home, but to me a get away is a welcome break not only from work, but from everything.

We arrived at the Vancouver Airport with some time to spare and found that our plane was delayed, so Jp treated me to some time in one of the lounges - I am liking that! Big comfy chairs, a great view of the runways, complimentary magazines and newspapers, lots of plug-ins and complimentary food. I was VERY happy with that! We both had a very yummy little lunch. But as we were walking out to head to our gate, the catering staff had just put out a plate of sliders that looked really yummy, we couldn't resist so we turned around and went back for them before leaving the lounge! Oh they were really good! Happy tummy!

Then we casually walked over to our gate, and because we pre-board we just walked right on to the plane. Away we went for a quick 31 minute flight. When we arrived it wasn't as cold as forecasted so that also helped, and we got a rental car with a good heater and  heated seats so that made it better.

When we checked into the hotel, more goodness was to come as Jp is a Platinum member and they checked us in to a very nice room - we have more space in our room than we do at home! There is a living room and a bed room with a nice big soaker tub. They also gave us some sparkling wine and a cheese tray plus some delicious chocolate covered  strawberries. No wonder he doesn't mind traveling 3 days a week!

We had a delicious dinner out at a very good Italian restaurant and then returned to our room to kick back and enjoy. I'm already relaxed and happy and I still have a day and a half to go!


Big Girl Feet said...

Aww very nice and well-deserved! Enjoy your break!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks! Yes it was VERY needed!

Teena in Toronto said...

It's great to take advantage of business trips, isn't it?

My Little Corner said...

Hi Teena - yes it is!