Monday, May 16, 2011

Bad Misquotes

I'm sorry for laughing at the bad spellers out there, but really people, we should be doing a little better at it these days - especially when it's so easier to get to an on-line dictionary or use spell checker.

Today I received an email from a co-worker in another city who asked if I was having problems with "misquotes" No, I couldn't think of anything, I replied; what an odd thing to ask me, I thought. However, when I read more of his email, I discovered that this university grad (which seems to mean less and less these days) was trying to spell....wait for it..... "mosquitoes"!!! Yes, he was complaining about getting bitten by these nasty little insects!!!!

Stay in school kids! (Especially you Chuck - even though you're a fabulous speller for your age!!!)


Anonymous said...

i am arent i bdeese

My Little Corner said...

yesh U ARrrrrr