Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm doing better, thanks

Thanks to some great counselling sessions with my brother, and doing some 'home study" I am feeling better. I went to my doctor to find out if some of the things I was feeling were physiological, physical or what. He did requisition some tests for me to get.

Also we had a gas technician come by our house and look at our gas fireplace - because we were getting carbon build-up on the outside of the unit. He said that we most likely were also getting carbon monoxide escaping. That's also scary and may have been the cause of some of my winter headaches. He's coming back in a few days to fully clean up and get 'er nice and efficient for next winter. One more thing off the list. 

We also buzzed into Vancouver on Saturday and did some shopping at Mountain Equipment Co-Op as I was looking for a new rain jacket ( we sure need that these days). On the way home we stopped for Japanese food. I've been eating sushi for 20+ years but had stopped lately because the food in the last couple of restaurants we had been to had no flavour. Have you noticed that too? So instead, we had been enjoying the local Vietnamese restaurant which has wonderful, flavourful food. Anyway this restaurant  was very good. So good I can't wait to go back. And there was plenty of food for the price as well.  

So all in all, I'm trying to stay positive, and to stay present and not let work things get to me. I'm doing more yoga and working more on my dance. Being physical really seems to help . And,thanks for your support and care, I so much appreciate it. I hope you had a great weekend too. 


Carol Browne said...

Whoa. Good thing you had that checked out. It's the weirdest things that can sometimes interfere with your health. I know one person who had flu like symptoms for months, and her doctor keep telling her to rest... and it turned out there was some kind of carbon monoxide leak in her bedroom - where she was doing all her resting. GAH.

Hopefully this will get sorted out. I find with summer around the corner always gives me a bit more enthusiasm and bit more energy.

My Little Corner said...

That's a scary story Carol! The fireplace is all fixed and yes it's soon to be summer. Friday's sun and heat did do me some good that is for sure!