Friday, July 01, 2011

A painting we will go

I spent the first half of yesterday emptying and preparing our bedroom for painting. Then I painted the popcorn ceiling (which I hate but am not able to do anything about it at this time) and then the walls. I had hoped one coat would be enough, but it wasn't so we put our mattress in the kitchen and slept there last night.

Today I put a second coat on the ceiling and a  third coat on the walls. My hands ache! My body aches! I  think I'm falling apart prematurely, ouf.

It will be nice to have a fresh clean bedroom and by the time it needs to be done again, maybe we'll have moved or I'll hire someone to paint it. I'm just so glad paints have come so far -less smells easier on the environment, easier clean up, better coverage etc. but still it's not a fun job.

Do you like painting walls and ceilings? 



Teena in Toronto said...

I don't like painting :(

Happy Canada Day!

My Little Corner said...

I can see why you don't like it, it's not easy that's for sure.

Did you watch any fireworks tonight?

Cynthia F said...

I like cutting in, it's kinda fun just using a brush! Then Norm rollers the rest. I don't like the clean up part tho'!

Carol Browne said...

I hate all the prep it takes just to get to the painting part. I rarely paint. We just move. Heh. That's the luxury of being renters.

But good for you! I'm sure it looks awesome.

My Little Corner said...

Carol- exactly - it took hours before I could even START the painting part of it! You have lived in this house for a while though haven't you?

And thanks, I'm hoping to post pictures soon.