Friday, September 30, 2011

Back Home

If you've wondered why I haven't posted, it's because I just returned from a week long business trip to Toronto and there was barely any time to even get on to my personal computer. Every morning someone would pick me up at the hotel and take me to to office and at the end of the day we'd go out for a group dinner and then someone would drop me off at the hotel, I'd make a quick phone call home and then I'd go to bed and  start the cycle all over again the next day.

This was actually a bit of a rough trip. I didn't really want to go and did not have a very good flight over. Then my hotel wasn't so great either and even had to change rooms. The next day they booked me into a different hotel and things went better but still I didn't want to be away from jP or my sweet little Eco, and I knew that more and more work was piling up all week with me being gone.

However on my last night (last night) they took me on a bit of a tour of the Distillery District(if you like history check out this place)  - with drinks at the the Mill Street Brew Pub (I recommend trying the organic beer and actually the coffee beer would be very nice at the right time and in the right place) , we drove through the Financial District and Chinatown and saw where Breakfast Television is filmed and MuchMusic, and a several other areas. We also drove through Harbourfront and Liberty Village where we had settled for dinner at Mildred's Temple Kitchen. The food there was exquisite but the best part was the cookie box at the end of the meal - you get a very yummy peanut butter cookie, a delicious chocolate chip cookie and a scrumptious date bar.

Well now it's all over and I'm back home and everything turns to normal, right? Now I'm adjusting to the time zone and will be getting some sleep.


Teena in Toronto said...

Mildred's is in my 'hood ... so glad you enjoyed it.

My Little Corner said...

Oh that's very cool. Oh yes it's a very nice area! You are most fortunate