Sunday, October 02, 2011

Construction Zone

At the end of our hallway was several small shelves that held a collection of JP's; he decided he'd take a break from seeing the collection daily, plus we wanted to put of full-length mirror in it's place. So I wrapped and boxed everything up and put it all in storage, while in the attic I took several old boxes out and sorted them out for donation or recycling or garbage. Then I took the full length mirror that we had and put it against the wall so he could help me hang it. That's when he informed me that we were to get a different mirror for the end of the hall and the 5' tall mirror we had was staying where it was.

So I put that mirror back but  now it looks  like a construction area at the end of the hall as I will have to remove  all the anchors from the shelves and repaint the wall (which I was hoping would be all behind the mirror and I could skip it for now) If I had known we didn't have something to replace the blank area, I wouldn't have taken everything down... (sigh) oh well I guess it had to be done eventually.

That was my Saturday (along with doing laundry). Today I'll be at my desk tidying up all the bills and papers from when I was away plus some computer work. And, hopefully some crafting time. No wait - I will definitely take some time for some crafting today! I must not always postpone it since I enjoy it so much - don't you think?

What are you doing today? 

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