Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's starting to feel a lot like fall

It's that time of year when I leave the house for my morning dog walk with reflectors on my coat and a flashing collar/leash for Eco because it's still dark. About 1/2 way through our walk it's light enough, but soon I won't have any light before it's time to go to work, that's when I have to switch the daily walk to later in the day.

In the last couple of days, it's really started to feel like fall, more leaves are being pushed along the streets by winds from the vehicles, and this morning there was a lovely warm breeze that brings the fall smells to my nose.

As much as I love summer and I love the heat, I always have fond memories of autumn dog walks. Although our Fall isn't like the ones we see on TV which depict warmer weather and big fluffy piles of leaves because in the Vancouver climate, this time of year is usually full of lots of rain and the leaf piles end up being flat, black, wet mounds. In fact those leaves can be downright dangerous - cars can lose traction on wet leaf covered roads if they have to come to an urgent stop. And that's how I broke my nose three years ago - slipping on some wet leaves in the bottom of a puddle on some concrete - slippery, slimy stuff.  As a kid I'd want to jump into a pile of leaves because I had seen it on TV, except in our yard, we usually raked up dog poop with the leaves and the pile was never a big dry pile, so I think only once was a able to jump into that leaf pile - and it really wasn't that great of an experience.

What are your favourite memories of autumn? 


Teena in Toronto said...

I was in Winnipeg last week and it was freakin' cold ... it was a shock to go from hot and humid Toronto. We're having a nice day today ;)

I like the fall ... cool crisp temperatures.

Anonymous said...

Strange. yesterday I left two posts to this post. dunno what I did wrong. Course I did skip the google ad.

Anyhow. This won't be as passionate as yesterdays but here goes.
* * * * *

I like, we like, the blazing heat of the summer sun. The cool mornings. The warm evenings. But they have a solid feel about them.

Fall has a flirty feel. A tango.

Around here it is very dry and hot. In the fall the sun is still very strong. Warm. Hot. So you get days where it gets cool or cold at night and moist air comes in. That air brings its own fresh, wet, musty smell.

Grasses have been burnt golden by the hot dry summer. Trees still green. some trees starting to turn colours.

Now, head out mid morning for a walk on a tree canoped trail on the side of a hill. Hot prairie air coming up the hill. Cool damp shady bits. Then out into the blazing sun. Body is hot where the sun hits and cold on the shade side. Powerful feelings.

Walking the dog is slow. You absorb the delicate subtle smells. You notice tiny temperature changes.

Riding the bicycle is fast and dramitic. You whip in and out of shade and sun. Blast of hot, guest of damp, sudden chill. A few dry leaves on the trail rattle as you roll past warning you of the coming silence of winter snow.

Spring is quiet. So is summer. Fall is noisy. Even now I can hear the clack of the big green leaves been rustled by a fall breeze and the sharp, dry rattle of the few brown leaves.

For a brief time each day it is a magical time of year.

My Little Corner said...

Wow Anonymous, that is a beautiful picture you paint, and very poetic. Thank you for your thoughtful reply, I really like what you said.

I'm sorry you had trouble with posting, I am not sure it's something I can fix for you.I've checked all my settings and you should be good to freely comment.

Thanks for taking the time to retype it all, to me, it was well worth it!