Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!

This year it was much better than so many years prior; the biggest change is not having a noise phobic dog - that adds 110% of the stress! I put a bunch of decorations around the yard and on the house - not a lot but definitely more than my neighbours (not that I'm competing) - it seems people just don't get into it like they used to. And even though firecrackers are against the law in my community  - that doesn't stop all the bangs and pops and flashes that occur weeks before tonight. But now that's not so bad because my happy lab just don't care! And that means everyone is the house is much more relaxed.

I took Eco for a walk a lunchtime today, past the primary kids at the elementary school - lots of Cinderella's and Belle and Wonderwoman and Fairies, not too many boys this time. But then a little policeman came up to say 'hi'. It was the little boy who lives next door - so cute. I'm always a little worried talking to kids on the street because I don't want anyone to think I have bad intentions, but I have to tell you the kids always approach me!

When I could finally break away from the group of kids,  we continued on our walk until we came across a house with fabulous Halloween decorations - there are fog machines and motion sensored creatures, and lights and all sorts of ghouls. My favorite is the mermaid skeleton - I have no idea why I like it so much but I really do! The homeowners were outside putting up more and more decorations and we talked for a little awhile about their decorations and all the things they are still going to do but soon Eco was getting restless - we'd been out for almost an hour but had only walked for about 10 minutes - so when the man brought out a 3' tall skeleton which Eco barked at and didn't seem to like, so we wished them a good night and continued on their way.

After work I added a few more decorations to the yard and when the trick-or-treaters started to come I turned up the scary music which could be heard outside. For years I used to have to deal with a freaked out dog and wait for Jp to come home because he'd be out with the kid but now the kid is old enough to go with his friends and Jp's at home and the dog is nice and calm and it's a nice night weather-wise and so it's  actually a pretty good Halloween.

How was your night? What happens where you live?

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Teena in Toronto said...

I had to spend the night in Barrie as I had seminars to conduct early there the next morning.