Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Good News

Eco had her toe surgery today. The good news - the toe was not removed. Once the vet got inside she found it wasn't as bad as she thought and so she removed the lump and some old scar tissue and closed her all up! Yippee! I'm very, very happy about this.

I tried really hard to follow the buddhist/yogic advice to not worry but couldn't help myself. I knew that there was nothing I could do but to follow the events as they played out, but still had all sorts of worry, doubt and guilt running through my mind. Now it's been pointed out to me that the worry was for nothing. Just like I had been told.

This is not to say that it won't return and we could have to go through this all again one day, facing toe removal again, but for now I am happy with the results!

In an hour and a half she'll be awake enough for me to pick her up and bring my sweet little darling home. I am so very grateful to everyone who provided such wonderful support to me. Thank you.

Now we'll be back to this:


Teena in Toronto said...
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Teena in Toronto said...

So glad your dog's okay :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice! I bet she does not like the halo.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Tina!

Loach - I think you're right, but right now she's still on painkillers so she's fairly mellow! I'll tell you in week!

Anonymous said...

I have a chocolate lab name Mokey. They are the best.

My Little Corner said...

Yes Anonymous - they sure are. Had I known how great they'd be I would have had one sooner! s