Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Decorations

My biggest Christmas rush is at the beginning of the month when I have to wrap the presents for my family and get them into the mail before the 13th at the latest. I didn't do a very good job wrapping the presents  this year because I was in a hurry to get them into the boxes. Also, when mailing presents I leave off all the outside present decorations because they just get crushed. Hopefully my family forgives me for the crappy wrapping job and just remembers the presents inside.

So now that that's all taken care of, the week before Christmas is fairly quiet for me, so I have time to do some Christmas crafting. Yes, I actually have time to do crafts! Something I like to do but always put on the bottom of my list which means I usually don't get time to do it + a million other excuses.

But I did make this pillow which was the fastest Christmas decoration ever made I think. A pillow cover, cut out the square, four sides on the machine, pillow form inside, sew little opening, done! 5 minutes?

And, it's one that's received the most comments in my house. You can even read the names on Santa's list - I think it's cute.

I also crocheted this "Christmas Dove" but I'm not liking it too much. Maybe I'll toss it to a cat and let it play with it. Maybe I screwed up the pattern - but I'm pretty sure it just wasn't a good pattern.

What should I make next? I think it's time for an embroidered Christmas tea towel - I'm feeling stitchy!


Laoch of Chicago said...

Maybe a wreath?

Teena in Toronto said...

The pillow is too cute!