Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrity Endorsements Don't Mean Much

While Christmas shopping yesterday I picked up a toy which I was going to give to my brother's dog for Christmas, but I decided I'd test it out on Eco first. I bought the toy more for it's shape and novelty and I wondered what being a Cesar Milan dog toy really meant.

Well let me tell you that this toy didn't last more than two hours before it tore and soon pieces started to come off (including a very small piece that could choke a dog or cause blockages if swallowed).

For someone who runs a dog psychology centre and has over 40 dogs in his 'pack', I would have thought he would have tested this toy on a couple of his dogs before it went to market - but then others just don't think like I do and I'm pretty sure that 90% of the dog toys out there are tested on chihuahuas and pugs only because I have yet to find a dog toy that could withstand an adolescent Labrador - and if I have found said toy, no dog I know wants to play with it! (Except maybe a Kong  but then they are more for food delivery than a toy.)

I'm just glad that I didn't send this toy as a gift.

(P.S. I changed my banner and the background to something more wintery - do you like it? Is it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas? ) 


Laoch of Chicago said...

It is funny, the favorite 'toy' of my cats are shoelaces. When I was a boy and had dogs they really like soft spongy rubber balls. It i strange how the simplest stuff is the best stuff.

Pearl said...

Wow. I love Cesar, but how could he put his name on this??


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Nylabones? They are a hard material. They start out smooth and slowly get little "picks" in them. Hard on your hands. They have a variety of funky shapes. Our dog plays with it in fits. But then she does that with most of her toys. It has been several months now and they are holding up fine.


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