Saturday, December 10, 2011

What I thought I saw

Have you ever gone on a trip and thought you saw an interesting, possibly exotic animal, only to return home and find out it was something rather  yucky?

While we were shopping on our trip, I was standing in the back of the Tommy Bahama Store looking out a window that faced a little ravine, when I saw a rather interesting looking animal. Unfortunately our camera was put away because we were clothes shopping so I couldn't get a good photo, but this is a quickie of it:

I thought it was something interesting.

And then last night while I was trolling the interwebs I just happened upon a photo of a Nutria or Coypu- which is basically a large American water rat, and rather unwanted and discovered that's what I saw in the little ravine behind the store!

Eeww. Not such a great discovery at all! 

*Picture from a random internet site, uncredited. My apologies


Anonymous said...

My what sharp eyes you have My Little Corner.

You say "ewww" but you saw something you can't see at home. And you identified it. And you did it while shopping for clothes. I say "wow".


Under There

My Little Corner said...

Thanks. Well he was looking at shirts, so I was staring out the window.... I was kinda proud of myself for noticing it though.

But still, a rat is a rat is a rat......

Anonymous said...

My sister had a pet rat. It livid an abnormally long life.


under There

PS the verifaction word was buRAT

My Little Corner said...

How do you know it lived a long life - maybe she just kept getting new ones all the time..... ha ha ha

It's crazy that the verification word was somehow related!