Friday, January 06, 2012


As I was leaving the dog park the other day, I stopped to talk to a lady who was wrangling a 130 pound black lab (which is no small feat as I'm sure she may have weighed about the same or less). In our conversation she told me her dog's name was Karma. A big black dog called Karma - interesting.

It's probably bad Karma, but I can see where you could have some fun with it:
-"you can't escape Karma..."
- "Karma is our teacher..."
- "Instant Karma's gonna get you, gonna knock you off your feet" John Lennon
- "Karma is not something you can control, something you can turn off and on." Kevin Chappell
- "The burden of Karma is heavy" Christmas Humphreys
                    and something about Karma "biting you in the ass"

I just hope it wasn't bad Karma for her to name her dog after Karma - hmm?