Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Morning Mix

Customer Service -On Friday our internet wasn't working so first I waited a while to see if the problem was resolved, then I checked my equipment and when that didn't work, I phoned the company to see if there was problem in my area - there was, but the funniest part was the Customer Service Rep told me  "yes ma'am we have a thing in your area, we're working on it, please hang tight"

Yep "a thing in your area" and "hang tight"  - new CSR lingo in case you didn't know ;-)


Snow Day  - We only get a couple of snow days per winter, and when we do it usually snows for a day then starts to rain and we drive around in slush for days - imagine driving through a slurpee. However,  - this weekend most parts of Vancouver didn't have any snow on Saturday but where we live we received our winter allotment of snow. 

This was  taken outside my front door this morning -  and this is on top of the 4" we had on Saturday. One of the things I find interesting after a snow is all the footprints on my lawn -apparently my front yard is a kitty highway
Eco had a blast in it. I would throw her toy and she would run and then pounce on it, except then she would slide sending her toy flying and then she'd have to search for it all over again. Too bad that was early in the morning and I didn't think to take my camera outside, it would have been a hilarious video.

Happy Eggs - when I make fried eggs I break them all into a cup or a bowl first and then when my pan is ready I put them all in at once. Yesterday  when I was doing that  I accidentally broke a yoke but look how they arranged themselves in the pan - I didn't manipulate them at all. 

They just wanted to show they were happy I guess. 


Teena in Toronto said...

Interesting way to make fried eggs. I crack 'em in the frying pan. They don't smile at me, though.

My Little Corner said...

When you do them this way, you can be assured that they'll all cook the same. I never had them smile at me neither, I guess they liked being equal!

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