Monday, January 30, 2012

Rainy rainy weekend

My goodness it rained so hard yesterday I thought I should start building an ARK!!! Almost all of the snow is gone from the ground in my area and it's warmed up a bit which is nice. We had The Kid here for the last couple of days as he was off school for a semester break - the new one starts today. School years always go by so fast. Heck, everything goes by so fast! I can't believe that on Wednesday I'll have been employed at this company for 12 years! 12 YEARS!!!!!  Every year I'm sure I say the same thing (with a different number of course! LOL)

This weekend also went by so fast, I wish I could have 3-day weekends. On Saturday I made a loaf of French Bread which started out in my mini machine but then I took the loaf out and put it in a baguette pan. Everything was good except that I should have shaped it better and probably should have cooked it about 5 minutes more. But I was pretty happy with it since I had winged it and had never baked bread outside of the machine before. The Kid has never had homemade bread - or bread that was no more than 15 minutes old - he was pretty impressed with how good it tasted.

The "submarine"
On Saturday I had a dull headache and pain in my shoulder muscles but I felt I had been taking way too many Advil and Tylenol lately and so I decided to go without drugs and just take it easy on myself (listen to my body and all that) - I don't recommend this for others or for all headaches, but for this situation it seemed to work. My headache did go away by late afternoon and I think because I could feel my shoulder pain, I was more gentle on my upper back and arms and I feel better today.

Other than that I did the domestic-y stuff like laundry and vacuuming, cooking and tidying etc. I did do some knitting and some embroidery but  haven't finished anything yet - see why I'd like another day off?

How was your weekend?  


SparkleFarkle said...

Wouldn't being on an ark waiting for the "arc," be fun right about now?! What a great break-up-the-cabin-fever adventure that would be --er, just as long as you weren't assigned to clean-up detail, if you know what I mean, because talk about NOT doubling your pleasure!

My Little Corner said...

Good point SparkleFarkle!! No I wouldn't want the clean up job!!!!

Laoch of Chicago said...

You need some minions.

Teena in Toronto said...

Three day weekends would rock!

My Little Corner said...

Minions ! (bangs head)

Yes I need some!

Anonymous said...

Minions make me cry when I cut them. Sad. So so sad.

My Little Corner said...

Anonymous is very funny and clever!!!