Thursday, February 02, 2012

Well for those playing along - yesterday was my 12th year anniversary at my job. It came, it went just like every other work day. In fact even spoke to my boss on the phone (I usually only talk to him about once a week when I call him). I should have known not to make such a big deal of it in my mind. I have made a note to not build up any expectations next year. Happy Un-niversary. The only good news? I now get four weeks vacation per year - I like that!!!!  I was planning on treating myself to a sushi lunch, but Jp made us the most delicious sandwiches so I didn't bother. Not much can top his sammiches!

Today for Vancouver and the areas surrounding it, it is finally sunny, which makes me happy because too many grey wet days can really bring a girl down! And do you know another way to bring a girl up? (no, not that silly) How about some high energy dance music? My instructor plays this at the beginning of our class for a warm up -we only need this song as a warm up and we are ready!  Turn up your speakers and get moving!

 Instant mood lifter!!!

Happy Groundhog Day! 
(He only has a 30-40% accuracy rate so don't believe him too much)


Laoch of Chicago said...

12 years is a lifetime. Congratulations.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Loach. It sure does feel like a loooonggg time!