Wednesday, February 08, 2012


I don't know if this still occurs today, but years ago when I worked in offices, it was often quite a thrill amongst the girls when the stationery catalogue arrived. Some girls just love office supplies - I have no idea why (and I'm one of them).

There are definitely some great pieces out there, but many come from US companies and by the time they arrive in Canada the costs can be quite high - I once ended up paying something like $70 extra for shipping/duty/customs etc for a binder and some notebooks from a US supplies - which made it super expensive and prohibited me from cross-border shopping these types of products again (unless I was there in person). Over the past couple of years, I've only 'pretend shopped' at places like the Container Store or Russell + Hazel.

So I was thrilled today to get an email that the Canadian office supply company Staples was now carrying Martha Stewart Office products. Usually I don't really like paying extra for celebrity  products -but there are some great pieces in this collection and they aren't that expensive, especially since the nearest supply store is less than 5k away! Check it out, my friends! Also included in her collection, the hottest pattern in home decor  - shagreen!!! This is a pattern that mimics shark or stingray skin and it's showing up everywhere!!!!

Time to empty my little piggy bank and pretty up my office space!

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