Monday, February 06, 2012

Baby Shower

Yesterday we went to a baby shower. It's been a long time since I've been to one and it seems so different. First of all there were a couple of 10 year old girls who basically ran the "check-in" desk, and announced when it was time to eat and when it was time for games, and the answers to the trivia questions etc. It was cute and I can understand why there were involved it's just that their voices weren't very loud and it seemed ineffective for getting the group to do certain tasks. Jp came along and cooked some sliders which were fabulous. He brought everything with him - little tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, pickles plus condiments. He even brought his own grill. I thought they were great!

The games were fun and light hearted but there was one that I just couldn't participate in. They put a melted chocolate bar in a diaper so it looked like you-know-what and then people had to guess what kind of chocolate bar it was. First of all I'm not that familiar with the differences between and Oh Henry and a Sweet Marie and second, I'm not too familiar with poopy diapers... luckily I just so happened to be in the carport giving the poor dog a break from it's crate. Ohh, too bad huh?

There were about 30 people there and almost everyone gave a present - I think there were only two gift cards given. I thought this was quite good but Jp figured that since just about everyone was young mom that many items were 're-gifts'. I didn't think of that, but it's certainly possible.

By the time I got up, walked the dog, helped a wee bit with the food prep, then drove an hour to the shower, etc - the whole day was gone and boy do I miss it. It really only felt like I had a one day weekend! Does that happen to you as well?

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