Saturday, March 24, 2012

A friend of mine told me a story about how she was sitting in the bathroom thinking her husband was asleep and her son was asleep when she heard a sound. And then the door opened and there was a stranger looking back at her. She quickly reassembled herself and found a young man standing in her kitchen, very apologetic about the bathroom intrusion. It turned out to be one of her son's friends that she hadn't met yet.

She complained that her son always having people over and she never knows who's in the house. I listened as supportively as I could and lightly encouraged her to talk to her son about it since it bothered her.

But you know, I would really, really not like that! I didn't think I had 'control issues' but it would not make me happy to find out someone drank all my soda or ate all my food or that people were in my house that I didn't even know! Heck, I don't even like people (like repair/service guys)  in my house at the best of times!

How about you? How would you feel about that?


Darrin.. said...

Wow.. she must be pretty easy going! Good Grief, I would have grabbed the nearest item to prepare for battle. My wife would LOSE it if something like that happened!

For sure.. my son would have gotten a stern talking to the next day about "House rules".

My Little Corner said...

Agreed. I wonder though - if you haven't enforced any house rules all these years, would a 19 year old really take them seriously?
I think most parenting starts at the toddler stage and laying ground rules then can really help out in the teen years (or beyond?)