Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I won! I won!

I was very pleased to hear that I just won this adorable knitted rabbit! Check out the details here. The adorable Teasel is to come my way all the way from Devon, England! Isn't that exciting! What a lovely treasure!
(photo from her Flickr post*)

I am a big fan of Bustle and Sew and so this makes it an  extra special prize. If you like sewing and embroidering and knitting then consider subscribing to her month magazine with plenty of inspiration and patterns in every issue.

Mail from England usually doesn't take that long - so I could have him in time for Easter - wouldn't that be something!?

(*the image is so little because any larger and it's pixelated, I took it from her flickr page.If you need to see a better photo of him, please go to the links)


Teena in Toronto said...


My Little Corner said...

Hey thanks! I'm excited about seeing him in person!

Anonymous said...

Of all the "promised prizes" one could win in every lottery I think it's great to actually get something that's handmade and comes such a long way to get to you. Way to go girl, lucky you. Congrats!


My Little Corner said...

perhaps that's why I'm so excited. To me it seems like a very valuable gift, an heirloom of sorts (hard to have an heirloom, without an heir... but you know what I mean)