Thursday, March 08, 2012

I forgot to tell you, when we were in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, I found a shop that was selling Japanese books and found several terrific craft books, at a very good price! Look what I got!

Usually when I've been in Richmond, they want around $25 for the littlest craft books and so usually I just don't buy them, but this place had very reasonable prices $7 - 15 is much better than $25 - $45!

The nice thing about the Japanese craft books is they do include a fair amount of english in them and have very good illustrations. (It would be nice to know someone who could translate them to me though.)

Now to find time to make what is in them!


Speaking  of making things, I was asked by a photographer to make some props as she specializes in newborn photos, first up on the list - elf-type hat with a long tail! Stay tuned for other fun adorable little items:

This one is pea green and cream, I can't wait to see in on a little one's head - can't you? 

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sewphie said...

The bottom left embroidery one looks so cool - i have a craft book addiction