Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Props for the Shop

I've been busy knitting and crocheting this weekend making some more baby photo props, here are two elfin hats :

I'm not entirely happy with these. I think I need to go back and practice changing colours in the round in crochet, so I consider them prototypes for now. ( see my last post, I did much better with the knitted one didn't I?) Also, I'm not sure if the stronger colours or the softer colours will look better in a baby photograph. The lavender one was made with a white sparkly yarn but it seems to look grey in the photo which I don't really like.  More research to be done!

I also made this bunny hat, which I'd also like to remake, perhaps with longer, better shaped ears:

I hate to a be Debby Downer, but I think they need to be near perfect if they are  going to be showcased next to someone's precious little newborn. I have lots more ideas of things to try - the only things slowing me down is my day job and my carpal tunnel, both a wee bit hard to ignore.


It's been quiet around here since Jp had laser eye surgery earlier last week - this time he's not healing as fast and has also experienced some pain. Basically I just leave him alone because he's a wee bit grump (typical sick male, right ladies?). I did learn something though, this morning I asked him if he wanted breakfast and he said he didn't so I made myself some toast and eggs and then returned to the bedroom where I put my plate on my side of the bed, I then returned to the kitchen to put some things away and then went back to the bedroom to eat my breakfast in the comfort of the bed. But when I returned, the plate was empty and guess who was licking his lips? Gee it's not the dog I have to worry about, it's the husband!!!

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