Saturday, April 07, 2012

We're finally getting some spring weather and we're starting to see some colour in the garden.

This year  I'm going to work really hard getting a lawn in my back yard - it disappeared shortly after we had a puppy! Although it can be nice not to mow, a dog that's run across wet grass is much easier to clean up than a dog that's out in mud.

If you know the name of this shrub, could you tell me? 
I can't remember and I can't find it anywhere yet.

The baby hats have been received by the photographer and I'm continuing to make new ones - ranging from new born to a couple of months old. We were at my SILs house last night and measured her little 6 week old's head and then for fun measured all our heads.... very interesting experiment! Heads are deceiving! Those who you thought would have a bigger head turned out to be smaller than someone else. It's hard to judge weather a baby hat is too big or too small when I'm making it - I'm thinking of making a little papier mache mould so I can fit the hats to see how they'll look.

Today we're going to the  butchers to buy for our "Traditional Untraditional" Easter dinners - which will include BBQ this weekend. Some people are lucky to get a 4 day weekend, like most people I only get three days off. What are your plans for this long weekend?

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Anonymous said...

The shrub: flowering currant.