Sunday, April 15, 2012

We can rebuild him

This weekend I took a break from my baby photography prop making and decided to do some needle felting. First up was a remake of a past project. And of course with the mention of the past, there is always a story - isn't there? The bear was first made in 2008 - and in order to show you what he started out to be, I went searching through my blog to find the picture. I didn't count on coming across the sad story of my dog Jazz (just skip past that part about her) but it was interesting to see how much better I am at needle felting, at least I think I'm better.

Anyway.... back to the original story. I made the little blue bear for my mom and she had been using him daily as a reminder to take her pills, she'd move him on top of her pill container at night so the next day she could easily remember  if she took them or not  - you know how days can sometimes blend together when you're not working, that's why so many people use those little plastic containers with the days of the week on them (I bet you have one in your house right now).  One day the little blue bear fell off the table where a curious schnauzer investigated it, and next thing you know the little blue bear only had 1 leg. My mom mailed him back to me and asked me if I could give him some new limbs, however when I went through my felting box, I no longer had the dark blue wool. Now what? Well I decided I could rebuild him in an new colour so I covered him with a lighter blue and gave him new legs and an arm. It worked! But I also decided that since his job was to remind my mom to take her pills, he should also hold one, so I made her a little capsule as well:

And a new little tail too: 

And then I decided to make a dog, inspired by the latest issue of Mollie Makes
which just arrived a couple of days ago
 (I love this magazine, I'm so excited every time a new issue comes in!)
 -  here's my new pal with his favourite bone and ball: 

Oh yes, and I taught him to do tricks - hold that bone on your nose little guy! 

Earlier in the week I did finish a baby bee set just in time for spring! There are two sizes of soaker covers since diapers can be deceptively large, so I  made two size options: 

And that's it for now! Not bad - good thing the weather was crappy and I didn't do any yard work.  What did you do this weekend? 

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