Thursday, May 03, 2012

Costco Hot Dogs

Jp's been spending some extra time with our nephew lately and so the other day he picked the nephew and The Kidd and started driving, he never tells us where we're going and The Kidd knows not to guess, but when he pulled into the Costco parking lot the nephew thought they were going shopping. Wrong. The were going for the hot dogs and sundaes, and after their meal they got up to leave and the nephew says "did we just come here to eat?" and The Kidd said "yup, get used to it" LOL.

Jp likes dancing to the beat of his own drum! His son is used to dad doing things a bit differently. And I think he likes it too.

I guess most people don't got to Costco just for dinner? 
Have you? 

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Kristi said...

Lol, we've gone to Costco just for dinner, too. :)

My Little Corner said...

Yes!!!! I'm glad we're not the only ones!

Marg said...

So far, just lunch!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Marg - of course, lunch would be great too!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Ok hungry now.

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for posting..