Sunday, April 29, 2012

How do you know?

There's a big trend for people to be creative in their spelling of  names or words - especially for businesses or product names or artist names in the rap world, to name a few. But there must also be 1 million English teachers crying everyday at all the poor spelling out there (I usually get busted on these types of posts for grammar, spelling or diction errors ...) and what I'd like to know is - how can you tell when it's a spelling error or intentional?

Take this roadside memorial for example - I realize it was a sad moment for the person who wrote it and goodness knows how much distress they were under but do you think her name was really the "one eyed bandid" or did she not know the spelling of the word? How do you know? Should I laugh or cry?


Teena in Toronto said...

I go through life as a TEENA not a TINA. When I was a kid, I made sure people spelled my name right. Now I don't really care ... unless it's a cheque :)

My Little Corner said...

I bet it was/is frustrating for you. I never assume I know how to spell people's names, even if I think it's a "simple" one. Thanks for sharing, Teena