Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The (False) Economy of a Pet

Earlier this week I was cleaning out some old files and came across some receipts from my past dog, Jazz. as well as some other receipts. Before I could afford to live in a house, I rented apartments and ended up having a couple of pet rats. One year my girlfriend gave me  a rat for a birthday present - I have no idea why, I must have said I liked them, most likely trying to be polite about her pet rat - so I was stuck with a cute little beige and white striped rat called, Cindy Puddin' Pop - but here's where costs cannot be related to the value of pets.

Initial cost for a baby pet rat was $8. One day my boyfriend had let her out of her cage to run around the couch, he got up to get his food from the microwave and accidentally sat on her. Next thing I know she's dragging her back leg so I take  her to the vet  in a shoebox, which she didn't like. When I got to the vet she seemed fine, the vet figured she may have dislocated her leg but the struggle in the shoebox  probably popped it back into place. Cost of vet visit: $30.00

(Yes, all my friends [including said boyfriend] made fun of me because I could have bought 3 new ones for that price. )

Fast forward several years - I just came across the receipt for the euthanasia of my third rat - yes, thanks to my girlfriend, I ended up getting a set of sisters after Cindy Pudding Pop's battle with cancer - Baby Jane and Madelaine Oh besides paying for surgery from an injury, the cost to euthanize this pet rat (humanely and ethically) -$35.00. Yes, I know what you're thinking.

Fast forward a couple more years - Adoption fee for  Jazz  $100.70. Cost of treatment for severe noise phobia: several hundred of dollars. Cost of cancer treatment: oh goodness, never wanted to total it up and have since destroyed her file. A couple thousand dollars?

Other than animals bred for breeding, show or racing, pets are completely NOT a cost effective investment are they? No they are not an 'investment' at all. But they do provide countless laughs and good times, and my dogs have helped brighten the darkest days and for that they are PRICELESS!!!!!
Thank goodness they provide SO MUCH LOVE and non-judgement and unconditional love! Now, go hug your pet!


Teena in Toronto said...

I've had many pets over the years and would spent just about anything to keep them healthy.

I have a cat with asthma who needs a puffer. $100 a couple times a year. Too bad I can't put him on my health insurance and have the cost covered. Ha!

My Little Corner said...

I feel the same way Teena which is why I paid for Chemotherapy for Jazz, and epilepsy medicine for Maxx. And why you can't listen to your friends when it comes to the value of your pet!

Laoch of Chicago said...

One of my cats is quite sickly and costs quite a lot of money to care for, but really what better thing is there to spend money on anyway. She and my other cat are a great joy.