Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's finally here - the night that so many kidlets look forward to - dressing up as their favorite character and all that CANDY! Oh and I guess it's a night many people dread too -I will never forget the suffering my poor dog, Jazz, went through for years with her noise phobia. Even though firecrackers are illegal in our community and several of our neighbouring communities they are still around. My idiot neighbour let off about 20 last night. And the police and firemen probably dread this night too. To all the rescue and emergency workers out there tonight - thank you. Always a big thank you to these people.

And,  typical for October 31st in Vancouver  -  it is pouring - POURING - rain. And, even though we've been trying for over 2 months to get new gutters  we still don't have them which means I'll have to get up on a ladder today and clean out the drains to try to reduce as much of the dripping at my front door as I can. It had been my goal to have new gutters before Halloween so the poor kids didn't get dripped on when they were standing on my front step. All I wanted is gutters before October 31st, but nope, people don't show up and don't return phone calls and now here we are a couple of months have gone by and  still waiting for an install date. Why do service companies suck at this? In my business they call, we're on site  - sometimes within 1-2 hours. And we return calls. And we call people and tell them when we'll be on site. Granted we work with other businesses but still. Is the general public as unreliable as the service companies? Is that why it's so bad out there?

Tonight after work I'm going to attempt some speed carving. I have two small pumpkins that I'm going to try to get done before the night is over. I might not make it. Maybe I'll just decorate them with Sharpies and paint. It's hard when I'm the only one in the house decorating and participating in these types of events. Last night I gave in and watched James Bond's From Russia With Love. The world of Bond is rather new to me because when I was a little girl my mom told me that Bond movies were for boys. I remember my brother's 13 birthday party where they all went to the movies including my dad and other brother and I had to stay home with mom because I was too young and a girl. I don't know which one he saw - I bet he would say the name in an instant.  I think I saw my first James Bond movie somewhere in my mid-twenties on a date. Since then I've seen about 2 or 3. On the weekend we watched Thunderball and on Monday we watched Dr. No. It's quite enjoyable watching these early 60's movies  - it's fun to see how Bond progresses and all the lovely fashions and decorating styles. And I must say that I've been amazed by the picture quality - these movies are 50 years old and so many scenes are stunning  - the lighting, the colour, I'm in awe of the cinematography as well. 

Are you a Bond fan? What was your favorite movie? 

Oh yes , and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!

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Laoch of Chicago said...

I read the Bond books when I was a boy and they are good books for that set. My favorite film of the Bond series when I was little was "The Man with the Golden Gun," which does not really hold up as a movie but I liked it way back when.