Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spirit Day ?

Sometimes I think we go to far trying to protect everyone from everything. Today I heard that some schools are not allowing kids to dress up in costumes and can't call it "Halloween" but they can wear orange and black for "Spirit Day".

First they discourage religious holidays and then they discourage non-religious holidays. Gee they just don't make school fun anymore. I am glad things weren't like that when I went to school. Oh sure we had some peace loving left over hippies that would sit cross legged on their desks or have sing-outs at lunchtime in their classrooms, but we could have Christmas and Halloween and didn't have a need for a dress code.

I've never really been one to dress up in Halloween costumes myself but that doesn't mean I don't want others too. I think it's great that people leave their houses in the morning and go to work with their clown costumes or wrapped in gauze for a mummy costumes, or paddle around in slippers for their big baby costumes. They have fun, everyone seems to have fun - what's the harm in that?


Laoch of Chicago said...

I am going to hold out for "no spirit day."

My Little Corner said...

is anyone surprised??
nyuk nyuk