Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scary Short Hair

By now you've probably seen this image that's been circling around the interwebs:

It's cute and funny, but I think it's time the bottom photo needs to be updated, because when I get up in the morning, my short hair looks more like Barnbus Collins from Dark Shadows:

'nuff said


sewphie said...

This really made me laugh! Some days I feel like jean seberg but on others I feel like a bloke! It is sooooo much easier than long hair though :)

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Sewphie- yes it is easier with long hair. Although I like really short hair, I think my current style is either not short enough, or not long enough. I'm going to let this one froe out a bit- a lest get some bangs that are long enough to tuck behind my ear(parting it on the side)

Thanks for your comment! (Beam)