Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's getting all cold now, time to start wearing gloves and hats when I walk the dog - but typical fall it warms up here and there - when you're in a spot of sun, when the wind stops, etc - so I end up zipping and unzipping as we go along. Ahh the joys of fall. And it only makes sense that a late spring and a late summer is followed by a late fall -I can't remember a time when the big maple tree in my back yard still had so many leaves this time of year  and there area still at least 2 dozen pears in the tree - way high up so I need a ladder to get them off - I've been lazy and have been waiting for them to fall, but I really should remove them before some hungry bear comes along and tries to climb the little tree. The bears are supposed to go down for winter by mid-November so hopefully they will be gone too. Then I can put out some bird seed and stop locking up the garbage in the garage.

And in the spirit of keeping things warm, I've made two hats - both adult sized. The first a pumpkin hat  - kids don't always have to have the fun hats:

And second, this "Big Hat' (is what I've named it) because it'll cover up your updo or volumes of hair or dreadlocks or your hotrollers or whatever you might have in your hair but you still want to keep your head warm.

It's nice and loose so you can easily get it off without wrecking your hairstyle but still have a warm head.

What are you doing to stay warm or is it even cold where you are? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

Amazingly it is 20 degrees (c) here. Strange and scary heat wave.

My Little Corner said...

Wow that is quite warm (thanks for converting the temperature for me) especially for your area. Enjoy it, you'll have snow soon enough right?