Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend Warrior - part 2

I did it. I painted the bathroom and caulked the tub. You know, painting is the fast part - it's the preparation that takes the longest. Removing everything from the room, removing everything from the walls, washing the walls and ceiling, filling holes, sanding, washing, taping, and cover with drop cloths - that all took about 2 hours before I could start painting. But the first coat is on, and in a little while I'll put on the second coat. I'm hoping it doesn't need a third coat.

I can't believe I finally got started. Now I have to go through all those old shampoo bottles, and other toiletries and clean things up so I don't put all my bathroom crap back in. I'm just glad I'm on the way to nice tidy white room!

Thanks for your support!


Teena in Toronto said...

Not a fan painting. Our place could use it ... it's been a while.

goatman said...

It is nice that you didn't have to replace the tub. That is a job, as I found out in our bath renovation.

My Little Corner said...

Oh painting is the easy part - it's all the prep work that's not so fun.
Goatman - we should replace the tub but definitely not a job that we can do ourselves and good contractors are hard to find so we're making do with what we have right now. How bad was your bathroom renovation?