Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wow a whole week already?

I assume this is happening to everyone but the older I get the faster time seems to move - do  you agree?

This has been a busy week. Last weekend we painted our bathroom including the ceiling, and installed a new medicine cabinet, towel racks and hooks. Then there was some other big clean ups needed because my mom was visiting for a couple of days. She hasn't been to my house for 6 or 7 years and so I wanted to make it a little more presentable. All those little extras that needed to be done. It's not like we live like piggies, but still you want to put some effort in the decluttering and dusting etc. when your mom comes to visit, don't you?

When I picked her up from my brother's house on Wednesday, her arm was so sore she couldn't lift it up to her face, so we loaded her suitcase and things into the car and then I drove to the doctor's office. Luckily this walk-in clinic allows you to put your name in and then go away, so we went back home and had some breakfast then went back to the clinic and she ended up pretty much walking right into the exam room. She also lucked out by getting in to see my doctor, who is very popular in town as he's a thorough and compassionate man. He ordered an x-ray and gave her some prescriptions. We left his office and went straight to the hospital for the x-ray and again she pretty much walked right in and was all done within about 20 minutes. The only hold-up was at the pharmacy who found my mom's past record (when she used to live in this province)  and then refused to release her prescription without some further information - which has long since been forgotten because she hasn't lived her for over 8 years. It's frustrating that the doctor has no problems giving her the prescription but someone with half the eduction and half the liability could hold her prescriptions ransom. It took about 4 hours but we finally got it all resolved.

The next day she was to visit her sisters who live in the neighbouring community  - she had made the  arrangements to visit them two weeks prior but something went amiss here and she ended up waiting hours for one sister to show up and then no one offered her any food. For 6 hours they sat with a senior citizen and all she got was a cup of tea and a stale cookie. It's all very odd because in our family we were all brought up to provide something for your guests! By the time I picked her up at 7pm she was dizzy and nauseous from being so hungry. Goodness! I am not happy with her two sisters at all!

And then it was Friday and she was here for 1/2 day and it was time for her to go home. In between my times with her I tried to catch up on my day job work. Lots of running around this week. So after I made pizzas we went watched the next James Bond movie (we've been watching them in order) - last night it was The Spy Who Loved Me which was a pretty good one.

My sweet brother ensured she had a nice homecoming - he had been looking after her dog while she was gone all week and so just prior to her coming home he put her dog back into her house so when she walked through the door she was greeting by her happy little schnauzer and he had baked her some lovely cookies so she could sit down on her own couch, put her feet up, pet her dog and enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a fresh cookie. Way to go Bro - that's how you do it!

Today I will stay home and take it easy and besides doing laundry, I will do whatever I dang well please!  That includes catching up with your blog posts! What have I missed?


Laoch of Chicago said...

You made your own pizzas? Like they used to do in NYC when I was a boy, spinning the dough on your fingers?

My Little Corner said...

Yes I make my own pizzas every Friday night, but I can not spin then on my fingers - I do hold them up and stretch them out while it hangs on my fists (does that make any sense) and then press them out so they are quite thin. When I back them on a pizza stone they come out nice and crisp. If you lived closer, I'd bring you some! LOL! I do admire those that can wrangle the dough like that though...

Andree said...

I'm impressed! You've inspired me to try and make a pizza!

Andree said...

p.s. You are such a caring daughter!

My Little Corner said...

Thank you Andree! Much appreciate. Homemade pizzas aren't scary at all and so well worth the effort but I swear by my pizza stone for a nice crispy crust!