Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day 2012. Today it'll be a nice, quiet day. I don't plan on doing too much in the kitchen, not sure what we'll have for dinner yet.There should be enough leftovers that I can be lazy. However, knowing me, I say that now but by 4pm I'm whipping something crazy up!

Christmas Day was good. We both did a very good job on presents for each other. And my family did a very nice job of picking out items for me as well. Thankfully I don't have family that runs through the mall at the last minute grabbing something that might be in their price range - my family thoughtfully picks out items for me, which I very much love.

One of my favorite gifts from Jp is this deer head: 

Now I'm sure many of you wonder why the heck I'd want that but I think it's beautiful done in white, on a white wall. It is very well done and I love it. And I don't know how he found it so easily -  I had been looking for a while and either they were not available or not in my price range. This one has a bit of "glittery flocking" on it - which doesn't necessarily sound nice, but it is. It gives just the right amount of texture and reflects some light back.

I hope you received the presents you wanted and that your gifts were thoughtfully chosen for you as well. What was your favourite gift? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

My brother gave me a nice lump of coal.

My Little Corner said...

a big raspberry to your brother!

(unless you wanted coal for winter warmth)