Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to you

Hope you're having a wonderful day and hope you spend it exactly the way you want it. So many people torture themselves (unless they secretly like it, but just want to complain) by filling their days with family commitments. I've heard many say they wished they could spend the day by themselves  - although to me that's pretty much what most of us do everyday and shouldn't Christmas be different?

For the past couple of years I've struggled with the Christmas season because it has changed so much from what I knew growing up. While contemplating this during a dog walk, I realized similar to the first rule of Fight Club,  my Christmas Tradition is no tradition (or non-traditional). You see my family doesn't live near me and Christmas traveling isn't always possible, and Jp's family always goes to their in-laws,  The Kid is always at his mom's for Christmas and Jp's not much of a Christmas guy.  This means that without those traditions, I have to find a way to make it meaningful and memorable on my own. I guess you wouldn't really be surprised to know that right now besides typing on my computer,  I'm doing the laundry because 1) it needs to be finished and 2) I don't know what else I'm supposed to be doing on Christmas morning. And later today I'll roast a chicken since a whole turkey is too big for us and I wanted more than just turkey breast this year.

I know not everyone celebrates (if they even celebrate at all) the way TV or the movies show it happening, at least I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen that way. How do you spend your Christmas day?

And now for some Trivia:

The first recorded celebration of this now biggest Christian holiday took place in Rome, Italy, in 336 A.D. The first Christ Mass was officiated by Pope Sixtus III in 435. The first three states to declare December 25 a legal holiday were Southern states: Louisiana (1831), Arkansas (1831) and Alabama (1836). Six other states would follow and by 1870, Christmas was declared a U.S. Federal holiday.


Laoch of Chicago said...

This year I made Fondue and watched some sentimental films. I hope you and your family had a serene day.

My Little Corner said...

Yes thank you it was serene. I hope your day was enjoyable - all the best Laoch!